For Stakeholders/Acquirers/Investors

By April 7, 2013 March 3rd, 2016 Blog, Sample Engagements
  • The president of a financial holding company said, “We’ve made a number of acquisitions, but we’re not hitting our objectives. We think it has to do with management teams we are inheriting. We seem to lose the strong players. It takes a year to sort out. Can you assess the acquired executives and help us make this acquisition successful?
  • A Vice Chairman of a major financial services group asked, “’I’ve inherited three major business units as a result of the merger. Can you help me and the business unit heads select and motivate the best talent from 85 executives in 90 days?
  • “Before we invest another $5 million in this company, could you assess the management team, strategy and any other issues we should be concerned about”, asked the venture capital director.
  • Shall we combine our profit making data center with a software group we acquired two years ago and who should run it? Asked the new CEO of the holding company.