Why Boardroom Performance?

With Enron, Sarbanes Oxley, board liability, leadership has shifted from the “imperial CEO model” to collaborative leadership in the boardroom. Everyone in the boardroom is responsible for the success of the organization. Even private companies and non profits are evaluating crisis issues, making major decisions and taking actions in the boardroom. The boardroom could be a conference room, commissioner’s public hearing, university trustee meeting room, or regulator’s office. Most importantly, stakeholders, investors, regulators, donors and plaintiffs are not only holding those in the boardroom accountable, but personally liable for damages. All of this means that everyone in the boardroom, Chair, Directors, CEO, executive teams, employees trusted advisors, investor and other stakeholders must raise their level of performance to help the organization survive and prosper and protect themselves against liability.

Why should you choose us?

The principals of Boardroom Performance Group have extensive experience helping boards succeed though facilitating turnarounds, improving board performance and dynamics, offering powerful on line tools and processes and focusing on high performance, and building effective leadership teams that include the directors, executives and all stakeholders.

Why Boardroom Performance Group now?

  • To survive the current economic crisis
  • To respond to a changing and more challenging market
  • To assess and strengthen the executive team
  • To respond to regulatory decrees
  • To develop a succession plan
  • To turnaround the organization in 90 days
  • To improve the working relationship with the CEO and board
  • To implement a new strategy and insure execution
  • To strengthen the board’s composition, knowledge, and performance focus

How do I start?

Check out our sample engagements and call us or email to discuss your needs. We can arrange a teleconference meeting with your Chair, CEO, Board Committee Heads and key advisors to discuss you’re unique needs and how we can help.

How long does it take?

30 to 90 days

What industries and organizations have you done this for?

All types of industries and organizations from banking, government, non profit, technology, closely held companies, venture capital, associations, private equity, insurance, healthcare, education, religious, etc.

What are the steps?

What are the steps for a turnaround or revitalization? Meet with owner, major stakeholders, regulators, Chairman, CEO or other key stakeholders to understand the issues. Provide on line self assessment by board and executive team. As needed, conduct Interviews with each director, executive and key stakeholders. In 30 days debrief to identify areas to strengthen. Act as catalyst for action items to be accomplished in 90 days. In 90 days: Major changes in attitudes, behaviors and results.

What other boardroom issues can you help us resolve?

  • Board committees-Do we have the right committees, right directors on the committees, how are they performing?
  • Board composition-How does our board meet the organizations needs for strategy, innovation, CEO oversight, alliances, governance, new markets, etc.? Do we have the right mix of talent?
  • Self Assessment debrief-What is the board’s total performance score? How are we doing in board composition, strategic planning, CEO effectiveness, Board CEO relationship.
  • Coaching-Does the Chair, Directors, CEO, Executives etc. need group and individual coaching to improve boardroom performance?
  • Board development and training needs-What gaps do we have in our board development and training needs and how should we resolve?
  • Governance structure-Do we have clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities?
  • Board dynamics-How do we function in board meetings? Presentations only? What’s the level and quality of questions and dialogue?
  • Board information-What kind of information does the board get? Is it timely, pertinent and decision ready?
  • Strategic planning-Does the organization have a strategy? Does the board understand the strategy and focus on it during board meetings? Is the organization achieving its strategic goals?
  • Board and executive compensation- Is the compensation fair and tied to performance objectives?
  • Succession of Chair, directors, CEO and others-Do we regularly assess current performance and plan for key board and executive positions?

What other Boardroom Performance Group services do you provide?

  • Mediation of conflicts and roadblocks to performance
  • Define advisor needs and make connections for clients
  • Selection of executives in reorganizations
  • M&A assessment of executives and boards
  • Facilitate new business concepts
  • Assessment of boards and executives on behalf of stakeholders, investors and regulators

Can you give me examples of successful projects?

Yes, refer to sample engagements. Circle those that might apply to your situation. Ask us for more information.
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