Are you satisfied with your boardroom performance?

  • Is your board a driver for value creation?
  • How Would you rate your board’s impact on the organization?
  • Is your board leading your company in times of change?
  • Would you like to build or rebuild a board?
  • Do you know the key metrics and characteristics of a high-performance board?
  • Would you like to test drive a high-performance board model?

Building a great board is a fast, cost-effective way to leverage and move your organization to the next level. An effective board provides outside expertise and experience that would take you years to duplicate. Would a 200% effective board-a board that helps you make better decisions, gain access to capital and new markets, attract talent, and promote your business growth and value- provide you a competitive advantage? Don’t settle for an “old school” ineffective board. Most boards are less than 70% effective. Learn the steps to make your board 100%+ effective.

We help you build a high-performance board.
How do you baseline and improve? You need a starting point, a baseline to determine where you are and where you're going.

People can be an asset or liability. Learn how to multiply and leverage talent.

Learn how a Board of Boards revitalized a struggling family business

We make successful boardrooms in 3 steps

Step #1. Measure what matters

Learn how a young business owner evaluated his executive team and strategy for overseas expansion

Step #2. Take massive action

See how the young business owner took action to revamp his team

Step #3. Create a system

Learn steps to create a Boardroom Performance System

How We Help You

Boardroom Assessment

Action Plan

Boardroom System

Clients We Have Helped

What our clients say about us

I have experienced Larry to be the consummate professional business adviser. Knowledgeable in C-suite and boardroom management, his personality and methodology exudes warmth, laughter and sensitivity around multiple challenging subjects. His written documents are helpful and to the point. I enthusiastically recommend Larry to any seeking a trusted adviser with high standards.

Sharon Bailey Beckett

Managing Partner at Beckett Advisors & Beckett Solar Energy

Leadership at the board level is more essential today than at any time in the past 3 decades. Larry is a gifted consultant/facilitator with the intuition, vision and skill sets needed to help any board, from financial institutions to non-profits function at far greater levels of effectiveness. If your board needs assistance setting priorities, working together as a team and getting things accomplished, you won’t find a more qualified “board development guru.”

Ray Adler

Banking Sales Coach, Strategist and Change Catalyst

Larry has both solid executive experience and a great communication style that plays well at the boardroom level. I found Larry’s insight and model of performance a refreshing break from typical trendy management theories.

Geoffrey Loui

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at The Marvin Group

See the boardroom performance system in action

Conversation With a Business Owner

If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of building a high-performance organization, check out this interview with a middle-market business owner. Today you may be satisfied with your business.  In the future, building a board may become urgent for your succession/exit plan. In the meantime,  please stay connected so when you’re ready, we can help.
You got all the information on why and how to build a high-performance board.  What next?  Well here’s an interview with a typical private business owner concerned about the future, you’ll learn:

  • Shall I commit to building a board to maximize value or just enjoy my lifestyle company?
  • How do I build a boardroom team?
  • Even if I don’t want to go public or be the next Steve Jobs, what can I do to improve my board and company performance? Can I be part of the Boardroom Performance community?

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