For New Concepts, Strategic Alliances

By April 6, 2013 March 3rd, 2016 Blog, Sample Engagements

  • “We are a start up company looking for talent, credible contacts, funding and expertise. Can you help us move to the next level?” Asked the founder of a company with a proven product who was ready to launch.
  • “We are an early stage company looking for funding. For stock, can you develop our message, bring in senior advisors, and recruit a celebrity CEO and board so we can attract investors?” Asked the founder/CEO with limited cash
  • “We have a great ministry with tremendous potential to evangelize the world through effective education of children. Can you help us motivate our board, craft a compelling message and stage a “road show” that will help us expand?” asked the CEO of a powerful Latin American ministry preparing for a global launch.
  • We need to create a strategic alliance with a major bank’s wealth management group, Can you arrange a meeting, develop the presentation and so we can create a profitable partnership with the bank?,” Asked the head a national independent marketing grout of 100 top life insurance producers.