Boardroom Performance

By April 11, 2013 March 3rd, 2016 Blog, Sample Engagements
  •  A chairman complained, “The regulators have ordered the board to assess its own effectiveness and come up with recommendations for improvement. Our board doesn’t understand its role and accountabilities. Can you assess the board’s effectiveness within 30 days and really produce results?”
  • The Chairman of a Danish parent company asked, “Can you assess our American CEO and board of directors to help us focus the turnaround?”
  • We need to adjust to managed care. We used to own the market. Now we must compete. We have to become customer oriented and cost conscious. We need to develop new relationships, and technology. Can you assess my performance and the management team and help us become more competitive?” requested the President.
  • “We tried everything-earnings improvement, strategic planning, team build and retreats. Nothing seems to work. We are not adjusting to the new challenges. Our board and management team needs better financial and management discipline yet we don’t want to lose our sales and entrepreneurial sprit. We’re not sure the CEO can make it happen. Can you help move us in the right direction and turn things around?” asked three frustrated board members and owners of an insurance holding company.
  •  “Our company has outgrown the CEO and the board. We need new ideas, skills and energy. How do we transition without causing major turmoil? Can you help define the role of the new CEO and the criteria for directors?” asked the new Chairman.
  • “We’ve lost our strategic focus, urgency and decisiveness. We have all kinds of consultants and programs, but we’re just going through the motions. We don’t want a six-month study. Can you help fire up us?” asked the CEO.
  • A Chairman asked, “Our two boards are concerned. The joint venture is not working. Can you interview the key players and tell what we need to do to get back on track?”
  • My client, the Chairman of the Board, wants to keep the CEO despite the pressures to replace him. Can you help him survive and help the bank improve its performance?” cautiously asked the outside legal counsel.
  • “I want to cash out of the company within two years. Do I have the management talent to leave the company in good, hands, or should I be acquired, and how do I handle the succession?” asked a President.
  • “I come from a major, aggressive financial services institution. Can you help transform 99 executives and managers from a “nice” to an aggressive financial services culture?” Asked the new CEO.
  • “When we we’re founded a few years ago, our national board was cutting edge.  The founding CEO/directors handed off their directorships to subordinates; Can you help us overcome dysfunctionality, complacency, and weak director involvement so we can re-energize our association? Asked the Chief Executive Office and Chairman of a well regarded health industry association.
  • “The regulators are concerned about our bank’s rapid growth and whether the board and management team are qualified to run a $3 billion bank. Can you assess our board and executive team and come up with recommendations to satisfy the regulators and help us move forward? Asked the Chairman and SVP of Risk Management.
  • “The executive team and I want to move on to our next start up, Can help us transform and motivate our team so we can exit with maximum value in the next 3 years?” Asked the Chief Executive Officer of a private company”.