Why Boardroom Performance Group?

The late 1980s and early 1990s was a troubled period for the banking industry with investors, regulators and directors all demanding immediate action. Larry Cabaldon was among the top level advisors then engaged by some of America’s biggest banks to conduct performance and talent analysis of major divisions and subsidiaries. Based on these successful projects, he was referred by the California Bankers Association, accounting and law firms to community banks, regulators and investors to implement ‘Board Turnaround’ programs and he was successful in creating innovative ways not only to assess, but implement major changes in attitudes, behaviors and results – generally within 90 days. Utilizing his expertise in human resources, executive search and individual and group motivational techniques, Larry’s challenging approach was to focus executives and directors on “high performance” in operations, acquisitions, mergers and consolidations in order to meet their fiduciary responsibilities.

In 2008, anticipating today’s economic difficulties, Larry formed Boardroom Performance Group for the purpose of bringing investors, board members and executive teams together to recognize a simple reality: everyone in the Boardroom needs to raise their level of performance to aggressively respond to the board pressures caused by the economic crisis.

In 2009, Larry partnered with Dennis Duitch, CPA and strategic consultant to further expand the strategic capabilities of BPG in helping companies protect and create value.  A nationally-recognized expert in business operations, management and operational communications, as well as top level professional and business executive with broad perspective, Dennis helps BPG clients formulate and execute strategy and select and guide service providers so the Board is fully supported in navigating the complex maze of economic/ financial/ accounting/ legal/employment/ funding and operations issues.

Sample Client Services Rendered:

  • Financial institution board turnarounds on behalf of investors and regulators
  • Evaluation of operating issues and selection of executives and board members in mergers, acquisitions and consolidations
  • Board and executive assessments for performance improvement
  • Private company acquisition, investment, and talent assessment for potential investors or company owners wanting to maximize value for an exit transaction
  • Organizational effectiveness for county commission, not for profit executives and stakeholders and plan to raise the performance bar, maintain funding, gain community support, develop leadership and improve governance.