God In The Boardroom: Why Is Christianity Losing Market Share? (eBook) + Action Guide (Bonus)




Where two or more are gathered in my name … God in the Boardroom is now available in eBook format with a Personal Action Guide as a bonus for your purchase! Learn why Christianity is losing market share and what you are called to do.



Why is Christianity losing market share?

Inside you’ll discover:

  • What happens in God’s Boardroom at the “ultimate come-to-Jesus meeting?”
  • How Jesus Christ, CEO, describes Christianity’s falling 32% market share and increase in “moral metrics” such as abortion, divorces, crime, drug use, etc.
  • Why God the Chairman gave the assignment to his pastors/leaders. “I want you to find out why we are rapidly losing market share and report back to the board.”
  • How the board members are transformed and returned to God and the Word.
  • Learn directly from Satan, his covert strategies to destroy Christianity and mankind.
  • The board’s agreed-upon mission: Be transformed and take God’s love and life-changing power out to the world!

This powerful book will open your eyes to the fact that each and every one of us has a mission, a purpose…this book will help you discover it, and fulfill it.

The Personal Action Guide provides a road map for you to use your talents and resources (“what have you done with what I have given you?”) to serve and expand the Kingdom with the greatest impact.

Seek ye first the Kingdom….