For Improved Boardroom Performance

By April 8, 2013 March 3rd, 2016 Blog, Sample Engagements
  • A chairman complained, “The regulators have ordered the board to assess its own effectiveness and come up with recommendations for improvement. Our board doesn’t understand its role and accountabilities. Can you assess the board’s effectiveness with in 30 days and really produce results?”
  • “We tried everything-earnings improvement, strategic planning, team build and retreats. Nothing seems to work. We are not adjusting to the new challenges. Our board and management team needs better financial and management discipline yet we don’t want to lose our sales and entrepreneurial sprit. We’re not sure the CEO can make it happen. Can you help move us in the right direction and turn things around?” asked three frustrated board members and owners of an insurance holding company.
  • “Our company has outgrown the CEO and the board. We need new ideas, skills and energy. How do we transition without causing major turmoil? Can you help define the role of the new CEO and the criteria for directors?” asked the new Chairman.